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 Point System + more

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Point System + more Empty
PostSubject: Point System + more   Point System + more EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 3:45 pm

Points when u are plased in a dorm:
Lone Fire Orange: 1500 points
Green Fairy Sprite: 2000 points
Lord Of Phantasms: 3000 points
Lord Of Searing Flames:3500 points
Lord Of Striking Thunder: 4000 points

Administrators points
administrators will start with 6000 points (the only possable way to be an administrator is to help with this academy recruit doesnt count)

moderator points
moderators will have 5000+ points depending on if they have more than 5000 points your points will not change. moderators will be picked from the 2 highest dorms. once you have ben chosen by you will be tested by an administrator the test is a match duel the person being tested needs to win the duel.

tester points
testers will have 4000+ points if u have more then 4000 points your points will not change. to be a tester you wil be chosen from the 3 highest dorms then you will be tested by an administrator or a moderator the test will be a match duel and 5 ruling questions you will need to win the duel and answer 3 of the 5 ruling questions correct.

official shop:
deck shop 500 points
advritise your youtube account 1000 points (will be on home page)
host a turney 600 points

Free Points:
If you have a QDA account or make a QDA account you will gain 100 points
if you win a turney that is hosted by the academy you will gain 500 points

how to move up in a dorm
once you have goten to the to the starting points for your next dorm you will be tested by a tester,an administrator, or a moderator the test will be a duel the person being a tested needs to win the match.

it is the responsibility of the tester to give the link to this to every one they tested.

thx for reading this

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Point System + more
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